Slimming Belt: Seinture de Sudation Qui Brûle Les Graisses du Ventre en Ciblant L'abdomen


Slimming Belt Refines your Silhouette and Your Size Instantly and Without Effort!

Say goodbye to all your unsightly bulges and take advantage of the innovative technology of Slimming Belt, the first sweat belt that instantly emphasizes an hourglass figure.Refining becomes child's play!

Cream, diet, palpate and roll ... have you already tried everything to lose weight and refine your figure?Here is your new 100% innovative slimming solution!

Slimming Belt, it really works

Made from 100% Neoprene, in a high quality stretch fabric.Easy to clean, this fabric adapts easily to your body and will not irritate your skin.Dual adjustable velcro allows precise mesh adjustment for breathability.Slimming Belt should be washed only by hand, in order to keep its properties intact.Air drying is quick.

Thanks to Slimming Belt, lose weight quickly and easily!Effortlessly, it allows you to burn your fat up to 2 times faster than with all other methods.With sweat technology and abdominal compression, this belt burns belly fat by targeting the waist.

Slimming Belt burns fat up to 2x faster than all other methods.

Ideal for back problems

Do you have back problems?Can't do sit-ups?Slimming Belt allows you to support the right places on your waist to give you good support on the sides and on your lower back.It helps relieve pain and improves your posture.

Very easy to use, you just need to wrap this belt around your stomach and adjust the size using the velcro.You can wear the belt for about 1 hour every day, or during your sports exercises for even faster results.

The strong points

  • Instantly refines the silhouette and waist 
  • Burn belly fat by targeting the abdomen and waist
  • High quality stretch and adjustable waistband 
  • Correct your posture to put an end to back problems
  • Convenient and practical, can be worn everyday wherever you want
  • Therapeutic support that also helps prevent a herniated disc or other back pain

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews

Ceinture conforme à mes attentes, elle est très facile à utiliser.


C'est vraiment un super produit.


La ceinture est très puissante, l'intensité se règle..


Je l'utilise pour faire du sport, car j'ai du mal à garder mon ventre rentré pendant mes exercices. Bien que je fusse sceptique, car pour moi le scratch n'était pas si puissant, ce produit a dépassé mes espérance.


Je recommande vivement cette ceinture, très bon rapport qualité prix.